Category: Local Natives

Jedediah Smith’s Port Orford Rendezvous

In my early days of residency here, I was blessed to have met and known some of Port Orford’s old timers. I heard many stories of Port Orford’s…

Port Orford Jakie and His Friend Whiskers

Years ago, Port Orford old timers told of an Indian who paddled his canoe on Garrison Lake in the latter 1800’s. He was known as Port Orford Jakie….

Indian Version of Battle Rock

This article appeared, May 26, 1932, in the Myrtle Point Herald, prior to the Rogue River bridge dedication. Elwood (Woody) Towner was Rogue River Tu-Tu-Ni/Mackanotin and a member…

Salmon Bake

Annual Tseriadvn Native Salmon Bake And Honor Ceremony

Tseriadvn Native Salmon Bake and Honor Ceremony is an annual, living history event that honors the indigenous people of our area. The US Army fort at Port Orford…