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The Centennial Building

A few years after the Port Orford fire of 1868, a blaze which destroyed nearly the entire town, Louis Knapp Sr. built the Centennial Building. He constructed it…

The Nielsen/Fromm Building

In recent years, there has been some confusion between this building and another similar structure known as Leneve Hall. Both buildings had a dance hall on the second…

Old Port Orford School(s)

The first Port Orford grade school when it was situated on Jackson Street across from the Nygren Hotel, built in abt. 1880 and use was discontinued in 1913….

The Knapp Hotel

In 1859, Louis Knapp and his widowed mother, Rachel, came to Port Orford, Oregon, from Baltimore, Maryland. Their well-known Knapp Hotel was originally constructed as a boarding house…


Port Orford Jail

“Over the years our little jailhouse has become a popular landmark. Built in 1939 during the timber boom days in Port Orford and condemned in 1965, it has…

The Port Orford Movie Theatre

In late December 1935, the ground was prepared for construction of Port Orford’s movie theater. Leroy Baker, a projectionist from Salem, opened his new theater called The Colonial,…

Port Orford Post Office when it was originally located on HWY 101 c 1950.

Port Orford Post Office

The Port Orford post office was established in 1855 and is recognized as one of the earliest Oregon post offices as recorded by the Oregon Historical Quarterly. This…

The Forty House in 2020.

The Forty House

The exact date the Forty House was built is not known. Local records narrow it down to having built sometime about 1917 to 1919. At one time the…


Beachcomber Cove

Nicholson Drive, north of Port Orford. Construction started in 1958, finished in 1959. The Beachcombers Cove has been used primarily as a dance hall for adults and children….

Cannery Building (Photo by Lance Nix)

The Old Cannery Building

The old condemned cannery building was torn down in May 2019 prior to a plan to re-construct the jetty. The goal after demolition of the 80-year old dilapidated…

Mystery Pale Blue House

Old Blue House on Fifth Street – c1970

This building used to be located east of the Oregon State University’s Field Station. For quite a few year it was rented by Ellis & Joyce Mott from…

Castaway Menu (outside)

Castaway by the Sea

A souvenir menu from the historic Castaway Lodge (AKA Old Port Authority Lodge), now known as the Castaway by the Sea Motel.

View Port Orford SE end Flying A Pitches Tavern Payless Gas c1956

Pitch’s Tavern

A c1956 photo of the ‘original’ Pitches Tavern. c1940, two restaurants existed side by side at the south end of Port Orford … Behind the billboard are the…

Rainbow Cafe

Rainbow Rock Cafe

The Rainbow Rock Cafe circa 1976.