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Karen Nehalem shipwreck in progress documented by Alan Mitchell

Port of Port Orford Shipwrecks

Note the FV Amak tied up against the dock.

The Phyllis - wrecked off Rocky Point - Ore Coast Highway

The Phyllis

On March 9, 1936, the Phyllis grounded after striking a submerged rock off the beach near Humbug Mountain during stormy and foggy conditions. Henry Axtel purchased the hull…

Alaska Cedar 1962

Alaska Cedar Lumber

In 1962, The Alaska Cedar, A Portland-based ship, ran aground near Coos Bay Sunday afternoon and was being battered by heavy seas late Sunday night. The 24 crewmen…


The Cottoneva

This interesting photo from February 13 1937 is of the historic shipwreck of the Cottoneva: “Coastguardsmen rig a breeches buoy to the ill-fated coastwise steamer ‘Cottoneva’, driven aground…

The Eagle III in happier times.

Remembering Eagle III

On the evening of Jan. 19, the Eagle III was hit by a rogue wave just outside the Coos Bay bar that turned the 40-foot fishing vessel upside…