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Sunrise, Sunset

Port Orford, Oregon, is known for its spectacular coastline which provides an ideal dramatic setting for the glorious Oregon sunrises and sunsets which are on display year round….

Port Orford Whale Watching

(Featuring the photography of Dave Foley) Port Orford is known for its whale watching opportunities and is part of the Oregon State Parks Whale Trail sightseeing program. The…

Rainbows Over Port Orford by Alan Mitchell

Rainbows Over Port Orford 🌈

These photos were taken by Port Orford Historical Photo’s own Alan Mitchell. The photos were taken in the winter of 1999 obviously captured to traditional film. Alan’s photography…

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Port Orford’s Season Of Crab And Crisis

An excellent article and video by Arya Surowidjojo outlining the challenges and ingenuity of our local fishermen featuring artifacts from the Port Orford Historical Photos project. We were…