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Port Orford Whale Watching

Port Orford is known for its whale watching opportunities and is part of the Oregon State Parks Whale Trail sightseeing program. The designated area to spot these marvels…

Port Orford Night Sky

Port Orford is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, and that includes its incredible expanse of night sky. Photography is a beautiful medium to capture this…

The Port Orford Quadrangle

We’re big fans of maps at Port Orford Historical Photos, and we were delighted to discover this extraordinary documentation of “The Port Orford Quadrangle” by Joseph Silas Diller…

Sunrise, Sunset

Port Orford, Oregon, is known for its spectacular coastline which provides an ideal dramatic setting for the glorious Oregon sunrises and sunsets which are on display year round….

Heida Community Project

Many years ago during the earliest days of personal computers, Alan Mitchell helped with a Port Orford community project of scanning a large collection of historic photos. Master…

Tim Palmer Photo

Tim Palmer’s Nature Photography selected for US Postage Stamps

Artist, Writer, Conservationist and Port Orford resident Tim Palmer had four of his exceptional nature photos selected for US Postal Service Forever Stamps. You can view Tim’s remarks…

Port Orford On Location

Port Orford On Location

Port Orford is home to many incredible artists, and it is no wonder considering the beautiful scenery everywhere you look. These views inspire and have inspired all forms…

Knapp Hotel Circa 1930s - Nix

Lance Nix Collection

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a sizable collection of images from artist Lance Nix. He recently scanned in numerous photographs belonging to the Lindberg…

Rainbows Over Port Orford by Alan Mitchell

Rainbows Over Port Orford 🌈

These photos were taken by Port Orford Historical Photo’s own Alan Mitchell. The photos were taken in the winter of 1999 obviously captured to traditional film. Alan’s photography…

Karen Nehalem shipwreck in progress documented by Alan Mitchell

Port of Port Orford Shipwrecks

Note the FV Amak tied up against the dock.

Aerial view of Battle Rock and the Port of Port Orford

Alan Mitchell Aerial Photography

Aerial views of Port Orford captured by photographer Alan Mitchell on March 22, 1980.

Beach - Port Orford In Distance - Cross Dimmitt

Cross & Dimmit

Arthur B. Cross partnered with Edward L. Dimmitt to sell real photo post cards of the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood and Portland. Cross opened his Electric Studio…

Cottoneva wreck - Port Orford Ore - Sands

Sands Collection

New to the collection are a set of postcards of the area which are some of the more artfully composed in our collection. The date and the aesthetic…

Port Orford Ore - Port - Hazeltine

The Hazeltine Brothers

In October of that year in company with his brother Martin M., he started for the Pacific coast this time by way of New York and from there…

Maritime Shipwreck SS Cottoneva - Sawyers Collection

Sawyer’s Studio

Many of the most scenic postcards of the area were produced by Sawyer’s Studio in Portland: Carlton Sawyer established a studio in Portland in 1911 where he produced…

Croxall Retouched Print - Heida

The Croxall Collection, Part II

Additional photographs from the Croxall Collection were scanned from color-enhanced photographs on display at the Port Orford Visitors Center. These have been skillfully scanned by volunteer artists interested…

Croxall Retouched Print 4 - Heida

The Croxall Collection

New to the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive is the Croxall Collection. These works were scanned from glass negatives which will eventually be donated to the Oregon Historical…

Maritime Dock 1967 - Mary Linda Guerin and Lois Miller

Remembering Lois Miller

We are saddened to lose Lois Miller at such a young age. She was a vital part of the Port Orford Community and documented much of its beauty…