Heida Community Project

Many years ago during the earliest days of personal computers, Alan Mitchell helped with a Port Orford community project of scanning a large collection of historic photos. Master photographer John Heida photographed them traditionally and scanned them for posterity. A CD was recently unearthed containing nearly 200 images, all of which have been converted to modern file formats and digitally retouched. We are currently adding informational titles and metadata to the images to aid in research. Here are a few of these amazing and rare photographs.

ABOVE: Meeting At The Sixes River Bridge, Date Unknown.
ABOVE: The Old Sawmill, Date Unknown
ABOVE: Horse Logging Up Sixes, Date Unknown
ABOVE: Sixes Store, Date Unknown
ABOVE and BELOW: Sixes Post Office, Date Unknown
ABOVE: Pat Masterson’s Photo Shop, Date Unknown
ABOVE and BELOW: Port Orford Sewer Plant Construction, Date Unknown
ABOVE: The Dairyville Store in Langlois, Date Unknown.
ABOVE: Port Orford Elementary thru High School, Built 1913.— [READ MORE]

You can view the collection in progress in the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive. If you have any information about these photos, please let us know in the comments as we continue to work to organize these new items.

You can also see a small sampling of John Heida’s artistic work in our ROAD TRIPS collection.

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  1. Deborah Amstead

    The picture of Pat Mastersons photo shop was early 80’s.

    • Thanks Deborah! I have been wanting to do a page about Patrick Masterson for the “Photographers” section of the Port Orford Historical Photos website for some time now. I will be in touch!

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