A GREAT WAY TO START 2022: We’re excited to receive contributions from two long-time residents of Port Orford. The first is Rockne Berge whose incredible images of the area capture what life is like in a beautiful coastal town. Rockne lived in the area for 22 years, and many of those years were spent managing the Castaway Motel overlooking the Port of Port Orford. He developed an appreciation for the area and its residents as evidenced in his photography which covered the many facets of maritime life.

Port of Port Orford – Sunrise. Photo by Rockne Berge.
Port Orford Harbor – FV Paiute returning home, November 23 2013. Photo by Rockne Berge.

Port Orford’s beauty & history is rich … I met hundreds of visitors to the area; there were many that would return many times a year. Often they would share with me, “We don’t have a desire to go anywhere else. When we take a weekend off or a vacation from work, Port Orford is the only place we go.”  This exact sentiment was shared by so many.  It’s no surprise why, it is a ‘Destination’…!

Star of Siam Shipwreck, September 13, 2013. Photo by Rockne Berge.
Star of Siam Shipwreck from San Francisco, CA. September 13, 2013.
Anchor rope broke, sunk in Port Orford, OR. Photo by Rockne Berge.

Sure do miss that town, the setting, the beauty & especially the People of Port Orford. Many of the return guests to the ‘Castaway’  would say they really enjoyed the friendliness & hospitality of the ‘Locals’. That aspect of the town was more memorable & lasting than the incredible landscape of mountains, beaches & ocean. 

Port of Port Orford, Fishermen’s Memorial. Photo by Rockne Berge.
Port Orford Harbor Dredging, August 3 2014. Photo by Rockne Berge.

We also received an exquisite study of nearly 500 photographs from Russ Gibson who owned the Castaway for years. His passion, collecting agates on the beaches of Port Orford and photographing them, has developed into a remarkable collection of truly unique and artful images. Below are a few:

We’re looking forward to adding more images and recollections of maritime life from these two creative residents to the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive.

Happy New Year!