I was going through an envelope of photos that my mother kept and found four photos that may be of interest to you. Three are small black and white prints (2 3/4″ X 4 1/2″) that were common in the 1940s and 1950s. My mother’s paternal uncle, Frank Thorp, fished out of Port Orford during this time. His brother, my mother’s father, Lester Thorp, had a camera and often took photos of this size in this era, so he may very well have been the photographer and it may be that one of the men with the boat on the dock is Frank.

1) no date, labeled “Cape Blanco church” on the back

Cape Blanco Catholic Church Star of Mary – c1950 – Lester Thorp photo – by permission of Bob Bailey

2) no date or label, a boat with unidentified men on the PO dock

Port Orford Dock – c1950 – Lester Thorp photo – by permission of Bob Bailey

3) no date, labelled “J Jones’ boat,” a small boat being hoisted by its bow at the PO dock. You can see salmon fishing boats in the background.

Port Orford Dock – J Jones’ boat on hoist c1950 – Lester Thorp photo – by permission of Bob Bailey

A fourth photo is labeled and dated “Port Orford Ore May 1926.” It is a ghostly, faded image that shows a structure on what I understand is city property at the cliff top where the road goes down to the port area. You can see the faint shape of Humbug Mtn in the background. There is a tear on the photo on the right side (looks like a wave!). I really like this image!!

Fort Point Fife Wilson Lumber loading facility – May 1926 – Frank Thorp photo via Bob Bailey

A fifth photo is of my mother’s father (my grandfather) Lester, with his camera, on the dock at Port Orford with his brother Frank, wife Carol, and sons Bob and Dick. The camera that Lester is holding may be the camera with which he three small b/w photos, above, were taken.

Port Orford Dock – Lester Thorp with Frank Thorp, Frank’s wife Carol and their sons Bob and Dick – c1950 – via Bob Bailey

I wanted to pass them along to you in case they are of interest.

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for these incredible additions to the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive! Bob Bailey is the President of the Elakha Alliance.