Old Blue House on Fifth Street – c1970

Old Blue House on Fifth Street - c1970

Building 5th Jackson Hildreth Cabin c1986

Building 5th Jackson Hildreth Cabin c1986

Mystery Pale Blue House

This building used to be located east of the Oregon State University’s Field Station. For quite a few year it was rented by Ellis & Joyce Mott from Ralph Hildreth, a Bandon CPA. The Motts told me that they understood the building had originally been built on skids and used in the woods as a Logging Company’s Office. At some point it had been moved to its location of 5th street, remodeled and put into service as an ocean view rental. The Marsh or Mayea logging crews may have been involved in moving the house ?

Look carefully at the top photo. In the distance you can see an early (now long gone) primitive bathroom set in the 5th Street right of way. It was never locked up and I have no idea who was supposed to be taking care of it. Because tourists enjoying the Battle Rock State Wayside above naturally assumed the bathroom was being maintained by the State.  They would loudly complain to the State about the conditions in the bathroom.  I have no idea how long this went on, but at some point the State installed a sign up the hill aways to correct that impression. The whole situation seemed so unusual at the time,  I now wish had I photographed that State of Oregon sign because I recall the City’s phone number was prominently posted for people to direct their comments to !

Former Location of the Mystery Pale Blue House

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  1. The discovery of this photo led to a fascinating side discussion with Alan as to whether or not the old blue house in the picture was indeed the childhood home of fellow photographer and mutual friend Lois Miller. Alan researched the history behind both places and found that they were indeed separate buildings.

    Here is Lois and her sister Patsy standing outside of their home in 1958 at the site where the Redfish is today.

  2. William Masters

    Great post.
    I never knew the Shell Shack was once a home. At least within the last 100 years.

  3. Steve Stromme

    OMG this the first house I lived in with Rick Loan in 1976

  4. I lived in that house with rick loan in 1975 to 1976

    • Hi Steve — Do you have any photos from that time period? I would love to add them to the Port Orford Historical Photos Archive!

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