Rick Cook Gallery, Part II

A few new photos for the archive from Alan Mitchell, in response to a recent contribution from Rick Cook

My house has had two fires, once in the early 30’s and later in the 60’s when Bernal Forty and his family owned it.

Below is a cropped version of the much more detailed c1910 Hazeltine Bros Photo with the original 2nd story.

View Port Orford South End

View Port Orford South End – Click for photograph details

Another view from a postcard (circa 1949) of Main Street showing the same buildings:

HWY 101 - 8th Street c1950

… and another photograph with a rebuilt 2 story ‘Rick Cook Gallery’ in the background featuring Orville Ewing and his Touring Menagerie from Pritchett, Colorado (c1940).

Rick Cook - Two Story

Rick Cook – Two Story

A postcard dated September 29, 1912 and similar to the ‘Hazeltine Bros.’ photo:

View Port Orford West - Episcopal Church - Nygren Hotel - Lindberg House 092912

View Port Orford West - Episcopal Church - Nygren Hotel - Lindberg House 092912 info

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  1. Jennifer Forty/Huffstetter Reynolds

    I believe the fire in the Rick Cook Gallery was accidentally started by my mother in her bedroom when she was a child…..Elaine Forty. They lost the top story at some point. Not sure if that happened during that fire or one later. The home was originally owned by my grandparents Bernal and Frances Fernell Forty.

  2. Rick Ott

    Great to remember the years I lived in Port Orford in the early ’80s. And really enjoyed being around Rick and being able to enjoy his creative furniture pieces. Rick- If you see this, hope you are doing well.

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