For over 20 years, Donna Roselius hosted monthly gatherings in her home with its Roaring Sea Arts Gallery. Professional, amateur and student musicians and singers performed classical and popular music, writers entertained with stories and poems and artists displayed their works in the gallery.

Roselius made an enormous contribution over the years to the cultural climate of Port Orford with these open house gatherings, which were free and open to the public. She also taught classes on several musical instruments and various arts. Additionally, she wrote and published books of her own as well as for local authors.

Donna was born in 1930 and grew up in Rochester, MN as one of four children. She started to major in music, but she graduated from St. Olaf College with an Art degree. Both art and music were passions of hers throughout her life.

She met and married Ronald (Rosy) Roselius and moved to Pt. Richmond, CA. There they raised 2 girls, Roni and Jodi. She started teaching music and developed a music book for the Recorder, for the Richmond School District Primary Schools.

Donna and Rosy Roselius

She was very socially active in her community and developed The Point Richmond History Association and produced a weekly newspaper ‘The Point’ and later ‘Point Counterpoint’. These are some of her many legacies.

The Roselius Home before she moved into her studio at Roaring Sea Arts. Date Unknown.

In the early 80’s the couple moved to Port Orford, Oregon. Donna maintained her community involvement and started having a monthly “Open House” as a way to play music with other musicians and share the talents of her music students and artist friends. She has left a lasting impression on everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her. Most recently she was honored at concert in Port Orford for Bach’s Birthday.

It would take a few books to name her countless accomplishments and accolades. To say she was great is an understatement. She has inspired so many with her endless encouragement, passion and love. Donna will be missed by all her family, friends and students.

Photo by Kyli Gallington
Photo by Kyli Gallington