1904 Port Orford Tribune

Four pages of irreplaceable Port Orford history. The pages were so delicate that it had to be scanned with a vertical scanner which was manually moved across the pages. Click on the newspaper page to enlarge the print.



1904 Port Orford Tribune - Page 2

1904 Port Orford Tribune - Page 3

1904 Port Orford Tribune - Back Page

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  1. From the Ads on every page and the Court Summons on the Back Page … nearly every square inch has information I am sure Historians will find useful.

    What I learned from the Court Summons was the identity who had owned the huge lumber handling structure on top of Fort Point. It seems it was a Portland Furniture manufacturing business – The Pacific Furniture & Lumber Company.

    Hopefully someday, someone will be curious enough to track down the complete history of that company 🙂



    <I want to thank Donna Lindberg for helping with its purchase, and Tim Sparks and Becky for all the computer time involved with scanning these 4 pages of irreplaceable history.

  2. Deborah Masterson Amstead

    I was wondering who Donna was buying it for on EBay! This came from Patrick Masterson personal estate. It’s so nice to see Port Orford History preserved. Deborah

    • Alan Mitchell


      I was grateful for the opportunity to work with Donna, Tim, John Heida and Becky in digitizing and then sharing this historic edition of a Port Orford Newspaper.

      Hopefully history buffs, both now and in the future will find Becky’s amazing website to be helpful.

      By the way, Becky is the person I would recommend if you would like to have additional printed media from the Patrick Masterson personal estate professionally digitized.

      Alan Mitchell

      • Debra Amstead

        Mr Mitchell, where can we find all the fascinating History you are Compiling? is there anything you are looking for? Your work is Amazing and much appreciated. Deborah Amstead contact @

        • Alan Mitchell

          Deborah – I continue to collect images and historical artifacts. On my annual return visits to Port Orford I deliver each year’s acquisitions to Becky Malamud for her to scan and post on this website.

          Out of respect for not exposing my Port Orford friends to the Covid19 pandemic happening around where I live, I postponed this year’s trip for at least a year.

          Among other things I will donating another issue of the Port Orford Tribune – June 28, 1905. As busy as everyone is during this pandemic I have no idea when Becky and our friend Tim Sparks will be able to make the time required to scan it for uploading to this website.

          Thanks again for your continued interest and support.

          Alan Mitchell

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