Remembering Lois Miller

We are saddened to lose Lois Miller at such a young age. She was a vital part of the Port Orford Community and documented much of its beauty and history with her ever-present camera.

The photograph is circa 1977.

The harbor had sanded in.

The fishing boat is named “Mary Linda”

Mary Linda’s Dad (Jack) is standing on deck

Mary Linda is facing away from the camera. Lois Miller is behind her. Both young women were well known for their love of, and skill with horses.

I believe the horse was named Cricket.

I believe the photo was staged by Paul Peterson of the Port Orford News to dramatize the extent of the sanding-in problem.

Below is a video created by Nathan Malamud about the Lois Miller Memorial Scholarship that was established in her name by The Port Orford Rotary.

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  1. A recent contribution to our collection from Portside Cafe has identified the person on the back of the horse as someone other than Lois Miller — apparently it is Wendy Briggs. Also, the horse’s name is “Blaze” and not “Cricket” … We will be updating this page to reflect the changes and with more information about Lois Miller. Thanks!

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