These three undated photographs show “placering” (a.k.a. “placer mining”) up the South Fork of Sixes River. These photos show “modern” placer mining known as hydraulicking which breaks up the material with the aid of a large water cannon.

Placer-mining-in-the-gorge-of-South-Sixes-frontPlacer mining in the gorge of South Sixes (back)

Modern methods of placer mining began around the turn of the 20th century, however these photos appear to be circa 1920 based on the attire of some of the miners.

Modern Sixes Pacer Mine South ForkModern Sixes Pacer Mine South Fork (back)

Although we are unable to place this particular mine, we found some amazing reference material in our search – The Mineral Resources of Oregon, Volumes 2-3 has a wealth of information and this letter from a former landowner in Curry County provides insight.

Sixes River MiningSixes River Mining (back)