Below are collectible tokens from Port Orford businesses from the 1920s. The gold coins were created by The Smith Brothers for their confectionary called The Kozy which operated out of The Centennial Building for many years. These tokens were used as promotional items that customers could use in exchange for goods at their store. The Centennial Building historically stood where the Hawthorne Gallery Sculpture Garden currently is today.

Front of Kozy Confectionary and Loggers Pool Hall tokens.

The silver coins were minted for William J. Paulman owner of Loggers Pool Hall. Paulman operated out of the old Leneve Drug Store where the Crazy Norwegians Fish and Chips is today. Loggers Pool Hal was in business,1926 to 1934, when a fire, believed to have started in a card room of the hall, burned half the block to the ground.

Back of Kozy Confectionary and Loggers Pool Hall tokens.
A bonafide wooden nickel from The Wooden Nickel in Port Orford, OR (date unknown).
Line art schematic of the The Wooden Nickel Building by Levi Thompson.