Old Dock Road

Enjoy this historical photo mapped by Alan Mitchell using notes from historian Pat Masterson:

The snags from the 1868 fire are visible in this photo taken in 1902.
The snags from the 1868 fire are visible in the original photo taken in 1902.
Masterson’s Notes. Pat Masterson’s book “Port Orford” is an invaluable resource.
Alan Mitchell’s overlay to the 1902 Photo.

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  1. Alan Mitchell

    Two Updates based on Rick Cook’s ongoing PO Tribune research:

    1.) Beecher Jess may not have moved to Port Orford until about 1906. Therefore Houses #9 and #10 could not have been built by him. House #9 had been built for the Nielsens, then in 1911 Mary Nielsen trades that house to Beecher Jess.

    2.) The other House, number 10, is almost for sure a Nielsen House. At the time of this photo, Mary Nielsen owned the whole block. It is likely house number 10 was built in 1906 with no connection to Beecher Jess.

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