The Port Orford Today was a weekly newspaper written, edited and produced by Evan and Valerie Kramer who owned and operated a long-time business in Port Orford known as the “Downtown Fun Zone.” The paper was first published on November 2nd 1990. Below are two scans of that very first edition.

The paper ran ads of local businesses – featured is an early ad by Rick Cook Gallery.
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“Eager Beaver Printers” was the name of the copy shop owned by Evan and Valerie.
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The paper had a very long run and was immensely popular in the community with the final issue being published on April 11 2012. The paper reported on all matters of civic events and often chronicled the couple’s adventures. At that time, only ten years of recent publications were available online. Valerie passed away in 2015 leaving little possibility that the earlier issues would ever be published. We’re helping get the rest of the material online.

Archival issues of the paper are available at the original Downtown Fun Zone website. We have added five years (1997-2001) of discovered material to the site that are readily accessible in PDF format. We are working with Evan to add the remaining back issues that will either need to be converted from their original format or scanned in from paper copies. After that, there are plans for a revival of the “Port Orford Plunge.”

Stay tuned!

TOP: Photo of the Downtown Fun Zone Building in earlier days when it was a Shell Gas Station. CENTER: Photo of the building in its DFZ Days by Valerie Kramer.  BOTTOM: Line art schematic of the Downtown Fun Zone Building by Levi Thompson.

Photo of Evan and Valerie Kramer by Alan Mitchell.

TOP: The Downtown Fun Zone was well known for their Christmas Train during the holiday season. BOTTOM: Evan and Nathan Malamud talk trains at the Downtown Fun Zone. Photos by Rebecca Malamud.
FEATURED PHOTO: The side door of the Downtown Fun Zone building with an Elvis Presley portrait by artist Darren Evans. Photo by Evan Kramer.