The Old Cannery Building

The old condemned cannery building was torn down in May 2019 prior to a plan to re-construct the jetty. The goal after demolition of the 80-year old dilapidated structure is to rebuild a more modern facility which would be a boon for the economy. A new cannery building would have room for the prior tenants plus two other canneries, a seaweed cultivation center, research and lab space for Oregon State University and a seawater delivery system. (Source: Curry Coastal Pilot)

The photos below were captured by photographer Lance Nix in 2008.

Old commercial building at the port of Port Orford.
Premium Pacific Seafood Bldg
The building being demolished in 2019. Photographs by author Helen Picca.
Ca. 1950

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  1. Steve stromme

    This where I started my fishing career in 1975 and am still fishing in Alaska 2020, thanks to Rick Loan who told me I could find work there I left port orford in 1980 for Alaska

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