We’re creating a collection of some of our favorite Port Orford Jubilee Photos! We’ll start off with a photo of Jubilee Grand Marshals Alan and Brenda Mitchell in 2008 taken by Evan and Valerie Kramer of the Downtown Fun Zone.

And here is Alan and Brenda’s photo of Evan and Valerie taking a photo of them at the same time during the 2008 Port Orford Jubilee Parade.

Evan and Valerie Kramer

The following photos from the 2011 Port Orford Jubilee Parade are submitted by Nathan and Rebecca Malamud. This collection has some great views of the South End of town which has changed over the years:

More photos from the 2010 Port Orford Jubilee submitted by Nathan and Rebecca Malamud. More historic buildings featured and the historic Grand Opening of the Hawthorne Gallery and Redfish Restaurant. We’re working to restore the excellent “Henry Ford” play that was performed by area youth actors at the Highway 101 Blackbox Theater. Stay tuned!

SEE ALSO: Our timelapse videos of the Port Orford Parade.

Please contact us to submit your own photos of the Port Orford Jubilee and Parade!