Author: Alan Mitchell

Maritime - Dock - Piling - Jetty c1970

Port Orford Dock and Jetty 1968 to Present Day…

Tsunami wave train hits Port Orford 2011-0311

Tsunami wave train hits Port Orford. March 11th, 2011

See also: “Oregon Field Guide – Coastal Tsunami” Season 8, Episode 4.

Maritime - Dock - Solid - Gilbert Gable proposal c1935

Dock and Jetty – Gilbert Gable Proposal c1935

Gable had big visions for the tiny village of Port Orford, which had a population of just 300 at the time. Gable envisioned a connection with the Gold…

Maritime - Dock - Piling - Gilbert Gable Jetty Construction 1934-2

Gilbert Gable Jetty Construction 1934-1939

Just three months after Gable (now mayor of Port Orford) dedicated the harbor in a splendid ceremony before dignitaries from all over the state, the massive new Trans-Pacific…

Maritime - Dock - Jetty construction 1968

Jetty Construction 1968

These photos were taken by Alan Mitchell during the construction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in 1968: As early as 1873, the USACE began developing…

Maritime - Shipwreck SS Phyllis 1936-0309-4

SS Phyllis 1936 – March 9th. Shipwrecked off Rocky Point.

On the night of March 9, 1936, Coast Guardsmen from the Port Orford Lifeboat Station rescued the crew of the steamship Phyllis.  Read more about the the wreck of…

Maritime - Shipwreck SS Sinaloa 1917-0615 - Grounded at Cape Blanco - 1

SS Sinaloa 1917 – June 25th. Grounded at Cape Blanco

Tambaugh was no stranger to shipwrecks, nor to the section of the coast where the Chanslor was now aground. He had been radio operator on the Sinaloa when…

Maritime - Dock - Piling - Loading logs - Port Orford Cedar SS Mary E. Moore c1925

SS Mary E. Moore loading Port Orford Cedar logs. c1925

At present, our own steamers are carrying all of the logs shipped out of Port Orford by the four companies operating there. We have put extra strong winches…