(As told to Alan Mitchell by Leon White)

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  1. Port Orford’s Bicentennial Mayor – 1972-1976
  2. The Old Port Orford Grade School
  3. Port Orford’s Western States Plywood Cooperative Era — 1951-1975
  4. The Club Building (Point.B Studio)
  5. Port Orford and its Fires — 1930s-60s
  6. Port Orford’s WWII Era – 1941-1945
  7. The Colonial Theatre
  8. Leon Remembers The Wooden Nickel

ON THE COVER: Leon and his classmates, c1954. He was in high school when this photograph was taken. Can you find him in the photo? (do not read the next paragraph if you want to figure it out).

Top row L-R: Courtney Horner; Daniel Montague; Kenneth Hensley; Earl Anderson; Unknown; Leon White; Nancy McGowan; Unknown; Dee Sutfin; Norma Dean; and Wanda Nodine. Bottom row: L-R: Sandra Boice; Donald Coyne; Della Pense; and Lincoln Sargenti. (Courtesy of The Cape Blanco Heritage Society / Masterson Collection)

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