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OSU Port Orford Field Station Cam

We have added two videos from the outstanding OSU Port Orford Field Station Cam due to its historical significance. Tom Calvanese of the OSU Field Station creates these…

SS Siskiyou loading lumber. Gilbert Gable Jetty construction. 1937 – May

SS Frogner in Nellies Cove c1925

SS Phyllis 1936 – March 9th. Shipwrecked off Rocky Point.

SS Sinaloa 1917 – June 25th. Grounded at Cape Blanco

SS Mary E. Moore loading Port Orford Cedar logs. c1925

Happy Birthday, Joan Reynolds

This incredible video was created by Josh Reynolds, son of original Kingston Trio founder Nick Reynolds and the multi-talented Joan Reynolds, as a memorial upon her passing in…

Port Orford On Location

Port Orford is home to many incredible artists, and it is no wonder considering the beautiful scenery everywhere you look. These views inspire and have inspired all forms…

Lance Nix Collection

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a sizable collection of images from artist Lance Nix. He recently scanned in numerous photographs belonging to the Lindberg…

Rainbows Over Port Orford 🌈

These photos were taken by Port Orford Historical Photo’s own Alan Mitchell. The photos were taken in the winter of 1999 obviously captured to traditional film. Alan’s photography…

Heroes of Battle Rock

A recent acquisition of the Port Orford Historical Photos Project.

1904 Port Orford Tribune

Four pages of irreplaceable Port Orford history. The pages were so delicate that it had to be scanned with a vertical scanner which was manually moved across the…

Port Orford’s Season Of Crab And Crisis

An excellent article and video by Arya Surowidjojo outlining the challenges and ingenuity of our local fishermen featuring artifacts from the Port Orford Historical Photos project. We were…

Fort Point Aerial Footage

Aerial footage of Fort Point, Port Orford, Oregon footage produced by Oregon State Productions

Old Blue House on Fifth Street – c1970

This building used to be located east of the Oregon State University’s Field Station. For quite a few year it was rented by Ellis & Joyce Mott from…

Karen Nehalem shipwreck in progress documented by Alan Mitchell

Port of Port Orford Shipwrecks

Note the FV Amak tied up against the dock.